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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

Golfers Choice is Portugal, Algarve

Algarve is located along the picturesque beaches of Portugal and is known for its beautiful scenery with a view of the coast. It boasts some of the world’s premier golf courses. One of the best is Vilamoura, which was a bustling harbor that was completely transformed into a spectacular setting for golf courses Algarve. Golf Portugal Algarve has a rich history; it has been around since the early 1920s. What was once just a fun game for people in the US and UK has become much more expanded into what it is presently: a sport of love and competition played by many professionals. Once the sport began increasing in popularity, the area was enhanced and developed by Henry Cotton due to the undesirable condition of the playing area. What was once sand and oil was made into a lush greenery thanks to his contributions. One professional in the Pro Tour and very famous of the sport, Arnold Palmer used his knowledge and love of the game to create one of the courses in this famous coastal area. His course can be seen in Vilamoura and is visited and played on by professionals as well as beginners today.

Why is so popular?

Benefits of golf Algarve are what make professional and beginners alike flock to the coast. The sparkling waters off the coast can be viewed by the many visitors that are either playing or just enjoying the relaxing time away from home. When people hear the phrase holiday break, they immediately think of golf in the Algarve. Being close to major airports, golf Algarve is very convenient to access and is ideal for weekends as well as longer-staying golf holidays in Algarve. With all of the different places to visit and choose from, it is no question why people choose this location. Algarve golf breaks have so many advantages to other places, such as:

  • Championship greens
  • Ideal year-round climate for the sport
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Many villas to choose from
  • Cheap packages to meet your needs
  • Pristine dining at many restaurants
  • Large variety of hotel accommodations

A Fantastic Getaway Option

Golf resorts Algarve are ideal for any getaway, whether you are a professional golfer, a novice, or if you simply want to travel during the week or on the weekends with someone who loves the sport. Even though it is the best place to play in Portugal, there are many other activities and accommodations for everyone in the party. Even better, Algarve golf packages are the perfect way to enjoy the best hotels in the Algarve and all of the other amenities this place has to offer. All inclusive holidays Algarve make vacationing stress-free because all the luxuries of these resorts. Family hotels are available, as well as resorts that are unique for your party.

These resorts were once home to many people of royalty. You, too, can feel like royalty as you divulge your senses into the stunning coastal atmosphere. Today, they are the home away from home to many visitors who need an enjoyable break from the hustle and bustle of life. These resorts are the unsurpassed places to play this exciting sport. If you ever feel like you need a perfect getaway for any reason, these resorts are the most desirable destinations in the world.