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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

How do I choose the greatest destination?

I've decided to take a golf vacation! Where should I go? Good for you ... and ... anywhere and everywhere! If you love the game, there is nothing better than a getaway to a great golf destination. But, with so many high quality golf destinations around the globe, how do you decide which one is the best fit for you? Key points to consider are:

  • What sort of course? Do you want to play near water or in the mountains? Would you rather play a traditional style course or a links style course?
  • What’s available for after the round and for non-players? Many great golf destinations offer facilities for dining, spa, tennis, sightseeing and other activities.
  • On your trip do you want to experience the surrounding area as well, or are you there exclusively to hit the links?

What are resort courses like?

When choosing from a number of golf vacation destinations, you need to decide what sort of course or courses you want to play. Resort type courses are found at many of the best golf holiday destinations. These are courses which have been built with vacations in mind, and they are often associated with villas, hotels or condominiums offering lodging as part of a package. Top resort courses can be very visually dramatic. Many of them have been designed by famous players such as Jack Nicklaus or Nick Faldo. Most courses will offer a number of tee blocks, so that the layout can be played at lengths varying from 4500 yards all the way up to 7000 yards plus from the tips. This allows players of different abilities to all enjoy the track. Be sure, however, to choose a course or set of tees that is commensurate with your skill level. If the course has a lot of water or a lot of unplayable waste areas and you are not a single digit handicap player, you may well spend your entire round fishing new balls out of your bag. You want to test your skills, but you also want to enjoy your holidays and make a bunch of birdies!

When is the best time to go?

It’s always the right time for vacation! That said, there are a few basic points to consider when planning your trip. Is your timing flexible? Sometimes the best golf destinations will offer a relatively cheap package for play during the off season. You have to decide if you are game for playing in possibly inclement weather, but if you are, this can be a great way to experience a fabulous course for less. Alternatively, maybe you should plan to go during your own off season. If you aren’t able to play all year around where you live, plan a winter getaway to get you and your clubs out of hibernation. One of the best golf destinations in the world is Algarve, a beautiful sun-splashed region on the southern coast of Portugal where you can choose from over thirty championship courses, as well as pristine beaches and fine dining. You can practically picture yourself there now, can’t you? Excellent! Maybe Algarve is indeed the place for you, or maybe your golfing destinations lie elsewhere … get busy with your research to find out now, and happy vacationing!