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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

Find out all answers about golf getaways

You might never have heard the term "golf getaways" before. Your past may have been restricted to playing in your own country and always playing on the same course. By the way, playing on the same course all the time will lull you into a false sense of security. You may think that your game is improving but what you are actually doing is getting to know your home course better. Have you noticed that the pros practice their technique rather than playing the same course all the time? The goal is to improve their game and not at playing the same course for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, this article will deal with the subject of getaway golf, what they are, what the benefits are and lastly, how to find great golf getaways for you and your family or friends.

Not much planning - just relax

Those times when you take your game away from your home course for an extended period are called "golfing getaways." Think of them as a "golf focused" vacation. While many people go on holiday to focus on getting a tan, getting away from the stresses of work, or exploring the wildlife of a county, a golfer goes away with the intention of playing many rounds. Packing is not about taking your swimming trunks or what type of digital camera to carry, but rather about choosing what type of putter will suit the greens at the courses you will play.

Why they are so popular?

Winter golf getaways are rightfully popular for people from the northern hemisphere because it gives them a chance to get escape the winter back home for a weekend or two. There is nothing that satisfies a weekend hacker more than being able to take their game to a different course (or even continent) and see if they can play well in unfamiliar conditions.


  • Good for your game
    Facing challenges that you your regular course don’t present is the fastest way to improve your game.
  • Good for your mood and health
    Studies have shown that increasing your Vitamin D levels through sun exposure has a positive effect on your health and can lower depression.
  • Good for your family
    If you are suffering from the "winter blues" then you can be sure your family is as well. You also benefit from spending relaxing time together away from the stresses of work and school.

The Best Destinations For Golf Getaways

So by now you are probably sold on the benefits of golf spa getaways. But the questions still remains, which country has the best golf getaway packages? While many countries will make most golfers happy, I suggest you look into the deals offered by the resorts of Portugal. Getaway golf packages in the Algarve, Portugal have been popular for decades and for good reason. Many of the top courses in Europe are located there and the Mediterranean climate is generally considered the top climate for enjoying the good life.

Accept the challenge and take your game on the road this year.