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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

Portugal golf weekends are becoming more real

Many golfers in Northern Europe get tired of the long winters and dream of cheap golf breaks. The short days, grey skies and icy driving conditions can affect the mood of non- golfers. When it comes to playing 18 holes on the weekend this time of year, it doesn’t get much better. Trying to push a tee peg into a frozen winter mat because the tees are not in use, not being able to make a full swing and having your mobility restricted because you are wrapped up in so many layers of waterproofs and cashmere sweaters, not being able to grip the club properly, having to hit tiny winter greens that putt slower than your carpet at home, finishing your round and having to clean off half a course worth of mud accumulated on your spikes and waterproof, seeing the professionals playing at warm holiday destinations. If all of this tries you patience then some golfing breaks are what you need.

Live Like The "Other Half" Lives

With a couple of golf weekends in the sun you can soon get your game back to it's summer glory. Now, the words "short golf breaks" may make you think of rich families from Northern Europe enjoying luxurious golf and spa breaks with their old money, but the reality is that last minute golf breaks can be incredibly affordable when you take advantage of the right offers.

Why Fly South?

So why are golf and spa breaks during the winter months so popular? If you are a lower-handicap player with your eye on the beginning of the season, you will want to get your game ready for spring. On the other hand, even if you are not so experienced, you will benefit from some discount lessons from a professional in the sun. By the way, you can't find a good professional in the UK during the winter, it may be because they are teaching in Southern Europe. As they say, "a change is as good as a rest" and with many golf break deals you don't even need to take time off work - you can do it all in a weekend!

The Ideal Golf Getaway

Is there a perfect destination that offers a lot of golf break deals? While "perfect" might be very subjective, a lot of people are now typing "golf breaks Portugal" into Google due to its rising popularity. Here are some of the reasons that many people are thinking of taking their putters and drivers to golf breaks Portugal:

  • Mediterranean climate with warm sun all year round (especially in the Algarve)
  • Many championship courses in the country designed by famous champions such as Sir Nick Faldo and Jack Nicklaus
  • Modern infrastructure dedicated to golfers and their families
  • Famously warm and welcoming culture

Escape The Winter Blues

If you have been watching the pros on TV playing on pristine courses with crystal blue water hazards and you would like to join them, there is no better time with so many deals around. Book your round in the sun and watch your game go up and your scores go down.