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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

Not Your Typical Vacation

When I mention the word "vacation", you probably picture sunny weather at a beach or a lake. There will be swimming, tanning and relaxing involved. Maybe you will have time for some sightseeing while you are there. While there is nothing wrong with the above scenario, holidays have become much more varied and specific in recent years. Today's consumers are asking for more than just cookie-cutter experiences and want something that allows them to pursue their hobbies. Avid bird watchers can go on holidays to discover a new species of bird they have never seen before, walkers can pack their boot and go on walking holidays through the mountains, and golfers can now combine a getaway with the game they love. This article will give you some golf vacation ideas so you can choose the destination and the experience that suits you.

Why You Should Take A Golf Vacation

While lounging at the pool and bronzing your skin may appeal to some people, the idea of bliss for many players is hitting balls under the Mediterranean sun. A golfing vacation can be beneficial for your health, your family and your game. Here are some of the benefits of top golf vacations:

  • Family golf vacations can give the clan some much needed bonding time away from the responsibilities of life back home
  • Go back to work renewed and full of creative energy after some time on the links
  • Playing on perfect courses in perfect weather can only have a positive effect on your game

Where Is The Best Location?

The answer to the questions of the best destination is not easy because it depends on what you are looking for. If you are considering October golf vacations or even Christmas golf vacations, then Portugal and Spain and great because of the Mediterranean weather. After you consider the time of year that you are going, you should investigate how well suited the area is for golfers, the courses in the area and how long the flight will be to get there.

Narrowing Down The Options

There is one place that meets all of our criteria. It has year-round Mediterranean weather, has been favored as a vacation spot for hackers for over 40 years, has a dedicated golfing infrastructure built in the country and is only a 3-hour flight away from most airports in Northern Europe - Portugal. The Algarve region of Portugal is home to golf vacation resorts galore. You can find luxury golf vacations; discount golf vacations and everything in between.

Finding And Booking The Perfect Golf Vacation

With a bit of creative google searching, you can get cheap rounds on championship courses in the Algarve. You can also take advantage of last minute flights and the cheapest accommodation at luxury 5 star resorts. If you are flexible with your dates and you can find the best resources on the Internet for booking holidays in Portugal, you can have the holiday experience of a celebrity for a price that would make Mr. Jones next door envious. The idea of a winter getaway being for the “old money” royals of Europe is long gone. Anyone who looks in the right places can live like the other half lives on the lush green fairways of the Algarve.