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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

"We're doing what this holiday?!"

You love playing golf. You play as much as possible. You're always tinkering with your equipment. You cherish those hours each week when you're able to get out to the course and spend the morning, afternoon or evening on the links (that would be "morning, afternoon, and evening" for those really lucky folks among us!). So isn't it odd that when you think of going on vacation, you completely forget to consider golf vacations? Not only do you not consider it, you most likely go off for a week or two and don't even take your clubs. Sheesh! At least when you're not on holiday you get to play a few times a week. Doesn't it make sense, then, that a golfer should take, yes, a golf vacation?! Of course it does! You are so clever for having thought of it!

Easy, fun, headache free planning

It keeps getting better. The best destinations around the globe offer stay and play golf packages, which means that you don't need to spend your time locating courses, booking tee times, finding lodging, dining and transportation, and coordinating all of these pieces. That takes a lot of planning, and nobody wants their holiday to become a hassle. That's the beauty of stay and play golf packages which are exactly what they say they are, you reserve one package, and the resort handles all the logistics of your trip. When you are choosing among your stay and play golf deals, you might consider the following:

  • How difficult is the course? Will it present a fun and interesting challenge for my skill level?
  • Are there multiple courses, or just one?
  • Does the resort offer alternative activities for those on the trip who don’t wish to play golf games?
  • How’s the 19th hole and what’s for dinner?

Think of it as the cruise ship vacation for golfers

Just as on cruise ships where you are presented with a world of activities and dining options upon your purchase of a cruise ticket, golf stay and play packages provide you with all sorts of options for an all-in-one fun filled holiday. Your stay and play golf experience will take place in the beautiful location of your choosing, and you'll have access to all of the resort facilities generally including dining, spa, and entertainment. Most importantly, you can give your game a workout by playing eighteen or thirty six or even fifty four holes each day. That's about eighteen or thirty six or fifty four holes more than you can play on a cruise ship.

You're a part of the club

Another great perk of package getaways is that you will get preferred treatment at the courses associated with your resort. It's like being a club member for your stay. It may be that individuals not staying at the resort can get tee times on the courses, and people certainly do, but as a resort guest your golf play and stay deal will usually entitle you to preferred tee times and other specials, and in many cases there are deals permitting additional or unlimited plays. Unlimited play?! That's seals the deal. Be a part of this club, grab your sticks, and set off for a memorable holiday!