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21st Century Golf

If you've been playing golf for longer than ten years, then you remember the way that you used to have to book tee times. If you had a competition on a Saturday or even around with your friends on a Thursday morning then early in the week you had to:

  1. Give the professional a call and ask him/her what time the first tee was available; making sure of course that you had enough room between the group in front of you and the group behind you.
  2. After booking a provisional time, you had to call all your friends and ask them if the time you booked was ok with them. If not, you had to call back the professional to change the time.

And that was just for a casual round. If you had a competition on a Saturday, you had to stop by the country club on the way home from work during the week, go into the men's locker room, find the list of tee times on the wall, and finally, pencil in your name on the few available times. You knew that you wanted to play early because you were busy in the afternoon or sometimes you wanted a lie-in on a Saturday so you put your name down to go out in one of the last groups at 2.30pm. This whole rigmarole is not necessary now that we have modern technology.

Think about it: if you can use your smartphone, tablet or PC to book a taxi, order a take away meal or find a discount putter on eBay then you should be able to reserve a tee time at your local club in a more efficient manner. The good news is that golf tee times have gone digital now so you can retire that pencil and list on the wall of the locker room.

The Advantages Of New Internet Era

From the comfort of your own home (or wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection) you can browse online golf tee times at any course you want to play on and choose the exact tee off time that suits you. You might have obligations at a certain time of the day, you might have seen the weather forecast, you friends might be arriving late, you might not want to play behind a fourball, you might like to play on the course when it is quiet or you might want to avoid the hot midday sun. Whatever the reason, you can have the time that is perfect for you, all with the click of a button and without leaving your home. You can even put the time into you Google Calendar if that is your thing.


Now don't get all worried that you have to be a young, tech-savvy person can do the first tee at a course of your choice. If you can type "tee times golf" or "golf cheap tee times" into the Google search engine then you can handle this. It's as easy as clicking on the time you want and filling out a few details.

Location Independent Booking

The great advantage of the Internet is that you are not restricted by your location. If you are thinking of a golfing holiday in Portugal then tee times Algarve is your answer. If you want to find last minute deals in the hot weather of the Algarve, booking online can help you find discounted tee times. If you have dreamed of playing at the Oceana Faldo Course or the famed La Quinta resort and course in Portugal, you can find many cheap tee times on the internet. Searching for tee times discounts online can not only have you time because of not having to call up the professional shop, it can save you a lot of money as well.