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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

From Pencil And Paper To Apps

Do you remember the old days when you had pass by the clubhouse of your local course on your way home from working during the week so you could pop into the locker room and write your name down to book a tee time for the club medal that weekend? I remember once when somebody accidentally erased my name and I almost missed my tee time. That will never happen to golfers again thanks to the advancement in modern technology.

Book It And Forget It

In today's digital age we can do so much from our smart phone - we can make bookings for a taxi, make dinner reservations and yes, book a tee time online. No more going into the professional shop and asking him when can you go out for your round. From the comfort of your own home, with your laptop, tablet or phone, you can go online and book tee times. Do you want to get your round out of the way early? Great, then you can reserve the first tee early in the morning. Or would you rather sleep in and play when the heat has gone from the day? You will be that golfer coming up the 18th hole when the sun is setting. Setting your own schedule is so easy with our website. Just after you check your email, you can book golf tee times. You could even put the time in your online calendar.

On A Golfing Retreat In The Algarve?

If you find yourself on enjoying the Mediterranean weather and the many championship courses in Portugal then booking tee times has never been easier. While (as I'm sure you've already discovered) all the employees involved in the game in Portugal speak English, you might not feel comfortable calling the professional to reserve your spot. With our website you can book tee times with ease.

Want To Get A Game At The Best Courses in Portugal?

With our easy-to-use website, finding golf tee time specials in Portugal has never been easier. No need to get in the car and drive around or even get on the phone. You can access all the best courses in the Algarve and book a tee time online at the one you like. No need to talk directly to the club and no need to confirm in person. You could even plan out your whole golfing holiday using our website. Say you are planning to visit for a long weekend and are searching "tee times Portugal" on your PC at home. Well, you could book tee times on three different courses for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will then have the peace of mind knowing that everything is organized before you leave. You can even send your playing partners the times and locations.

Everything Pre-Booked

How much more would you enjoy your holiday if:

  • You didn't have to organize anything once you arrived. All your reservations were already made.
  • You could book golf tee times on some of the busiest championship courses in Portugal. You would never miss out on a round.
  • You could play your round at a time that suited you; if you want to avoid the midday sun or play right after breakfast.

The only thing left to do is to get on the fairways and enjoy your round.