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Beginning A "Game For Life"

OK, so you might have been watching the British Open on TV, you've been to the driving range with your buddies a few times to bash the driver and now you are looking for golf tips online. With so many teachers on the golf channel and so many stores selling different types of equipment it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we will explore how you can get started on the right track without breaking the bank.

Learn The Basics Well

It is important that you get a good start in the game and receive some good golf tips for beginners. The best way to do that is to get some lessons from your nearest PGA professional. The big advantage you have as a beginner over more experienced players is that you haven't developed any bad habits yet. By booking a lesson with your nearest professional and you will receive some basic golf tips on how to stand and hold the club correctly. By paying for good advice on how to learn the fundamentals, you will have a solid base going forward and your enjoyment of the game will multiply.

Equipment Counts

The tools of the trade make a difference. A golfer's has the same relationship with his clubs that a Formula 1 driver has with his car and a chef has with his knife. While it is not necessary for you make a hole in the national budget to get your first starter set (as a beginner you have an advantage because you only need basic equipment to get started) it is important that you get measured for your clubs. Golf is a game of millimeters and having your clubs fit perfectly can make a huge difference to both your scores and your enjoyment of the game. Many golf discount websites will have deals on good starter sets for you.

Enjoyment = Better Shots

Once you have your fundamentals "down pad" and you have a perfectly fitted set of clubs you are ready to book a tee time online and get on the course. When you are on the course, one of the best golf tips you can remember is to enjoy yourself. The game can be incredibly frustrating and intimidating at times but if you are enjoying every minute of it then you will play better. If you ask any professional about their best run of play, they will tell you that their best strikes come when they are loose, relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Where To Go On A Golfing Holiday

After you have been playing a while on your local course, you might start dreaming of taking your game to more exotic locations and you will start looking for the best golf holidays. What are some things you should consider when looking to book golf online and have a holiday at the same time? Here are some golfing tips:

  • Consider the weather. If you want to enjoy some Mediterranean weather then look up: "Algarve golf packages" in Portugal
  • The quality of the courses. As a beginner, the advantage you have is that you will not need or even want to play on championship level courses. You can find many discounts at less challenging courses
  • Cost. Factor in the green fees, renting clubs, golf cart and transport to and from the course.

The 19th Hole

Now you know how where to begin, how to get yourself set up with the right equipment, what is the correct mindset on the course and where you can enjoy the game in the sun. Remember above all to be patient with your progress as this is a game that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Enjoy walks through nature, bonding with your friends and family and conquering a challenging but rewarding game. See you at the British Open.