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Find your next golf vocation package in Portugal

A Golf Trip Of A Lifetime

If you are already planning your next trip this year then you are lucky to have more options than ever before. You don't have to do what most other people do on their vacations these days. Lying on a sun lounger by the side of the pool or visiting museums gets old. Seeing the sights can be fun but most of us prefer to be active rather passive. Holidays are so much more fun when you are doing rather than seeing. If we agree on this then the question remains, what activity shall we do on our next trip? Surfing? Safari? If these sound too dangerous to you and you are thinking about a golfing trip, this article will help you plan make that dream a reality.

Home Or Away?

The first question that you have written in your golf trip planner is whether to stay in the UK or go golfing abroad. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to taking spring golf trips in the UK:


  • Britain is home to many great links courses
  • Familiar language and culture
  • Travel time will be shorter


  • Accommodation and green fees are not cheap
  • Weather can be unpredictable
  • Similar golf courses to your home course

Flying South

When looking for the best golf trip destinations, there are many destinations in the world to consider. While the Middle East is experiencing a golfing boom at the moment, especially in countries such as Dubai and Qatar, I suggest you keep things simple this time and look for a Mediterranean climate. Let's rule out California because we don't want to fly for 10 hours, the south of Europe and the eastern coast of Spain have the perfect climate. If you decide to cross the Chanel and head towards the warm climes of Southern Europe, Portugal should be top of your list. While other areas in Southern Europe such as Spain and Turkey are catching up, the Algarve area of Portugal consistently ranks high in surveys that measure the best golf trips. Even though you will find courses in the area designed by Sir Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus and Paul Mcginley, the green fees can be very inexpensive if you take advantage of discount golf trips.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Algarve

Once you've decided on Portugal, you can begin looking for flights to Faro International Airport and choosing your resort and the courses you want to play during your stay. Your accommodation needs may be slightly different depending on whether you are looking for buddy golf trips or something more family-focused. If you want to keep the family entertained then there are plenty of luxury golf trips and resorts in the Villamoura area that have plenty of extra-curricular activities such as gym, spa, kids club and tennis.

Memories For A Golfing Lifetime

Great golf trips are not born out of thin air and wishes. They are the result of careful planning, copious amounts of research, careful considerations and a little bit of good fortune. Take an inventory of all your needs and goals for your next golf holiday, decide on the ideal destination for you and your fellow players and start googling. Imagining hitting crisp iron shots off of lush green fairways under blue skies should be motivation enough for you.